INTRA S.A. is primarily about people. People full of passion and interests they develop thanks to working in our company. We support many social and sports initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is proven by many years of support for the football team from Iłowa in the form of the head sponsor with naming rights.

Since 2015, INTRA S.A. has been a co-owner of the S.S.A. Speedway Club in Zielona Góra – the iconic Falubaz, whose president was Zdzisław Tymczyszyn. – As an entrepreneur, but also as a father, I know that it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people, positive “doping” and encourage them to practice sports. Sport teaches discipline, patience and self-improvement. These values pay off in the future in private and professional life – says Z. Tymczyszyn.


In Falubaz, we support not only speedway riders. We also support KS Falubaz players in the third league and over 500 children training at our academy – Falubaz Student Football Club. It is also worth mentioning athletes from other disciplines, such as rugby
or fishing. One of the most important areas is charity, which the Falubaz Pomaga Foundation deals with. Thanks to it, many charity events for sick and disabled children and adults throughout the region have been held since 2013, and every year during the holiday season there is a Falubaz Santa Claus action, conducted in cooperation with the “Falubaz Only” Fans’ Association. During the Christmas season we visit hospitals, orphanages and care facilities giving Christmas packages to the youngest.

– Falubaz also organizes various events aimed at integrating fans and promoting a sporting, healthy lifestyle A great example of this is the Falubaz Bike Rally, which last year was attended by over a thousand people – adds Z. Tymczyszyn.