We are a Specialist Transport Company and handle dry loose goods logistics. INTRA S.A. has been for many years now the biggest company in this business as well as the regional leader. Our company enjoys widespread recognition and great trust on the European market. For 30 years of operation we have gained enormous experience owing to which we know what is necessary in order to deliver goods safely and on time.

We offer:

  • international and domestic road transport of dry goods,
  • professional goods management,
  • safe storage,
  • smooth reloading

Our satisfaction guarantee is:

  • 300 workers – experienced drivers, professional forwarders, competent service men and helpful administrative workers,
  • 200 modern silo sets,
  • 6000 m³ capacity of the silos,
  • 5000 m² of warehouse flat space,
  • specialist silo and tank wash,
  • advanced in-house developed software
transport materiałów sypkich