Timeliness and safety

We are a thriving company and we are eager to use modern technologies to improve safety and shorten transport time. We can boast of our own INTRA GPS fleet management system. Thanks to this, we are able to monitor the current location of the vehicle and the stage of drivers’ work – e.g. loading, driving, 24-hour parking.

The system also ensures that scheduled technical inspections of the tractor and semi-trailer are carried out on time.


In the field of insurance, we have trusted one company for years – Donoria S.A., with whom we have jointly created many insurance programs. It is one of the leading insurance brokers in Poland. Its employees provide us with different solutions from which we choose the best on an ongoing basis. Together, we have implemented insurance programs, such as: civil liability of the road carrier (OCPD), third party liability insurance, medical expenses for drivers, as well as legal protection and motor insurance.

Cleanness of goods

We deal with transport of plastic granulates and we know how to do it professionally. We possess an advanced system for discharging silos based on screw compressors (non-oil) with the capacity of 1000 m³ per h. Owing to this system, the process of discharging goes quickly and is sterile with no risk of polluting the goods.

Cleanness of goods is additionally secured by the fittings – all-steel valves, steel and rubber (white inside) unloading hoses, microfilters and the fact that the silos are each time thoroughly washed in the verified wash facilities.